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Why You Should Avoid Vinyl Shutters

Shutters are produced out of several different materials.

Hollow Vinyl Shutters

Shutters can be made out of hard often hollow vinyl. These are an inferior product having the appearance of outdoor patio furniture, with mold lines and seams where the plastic parts are joined and glued together. They will have surface applied hinges that do not close tight, plastic tilt bars that fail with time, and a finish that may discolor in the sun. Woodcraft Shutters does not sell this product.

Compressed Fiberboard Shutters

Another material is MDF, or compressed fiberboard with a vinyl coating. Most of these products are imported from Asia, are 30 to 40% heavier than wood, and once again not sold by Woodcraft Shutters. Panel widths are most always quite narrow due to problems with louvers remaining straight, and if moisture should breech the outer "skin" of vinyl and permeate the fiberboard, the shutter may lose its structural integrity.

Woodcraft Shutters Are Superior

Hardwood shutters from Woodcraft Shutters are a truly natural, sustainable, and American-made product. They also look better than the alternatives, with much wider panels to enhance your views and light. Being solid wood, they also insulate better (being solid wood) than other shutters.

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