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Why Choose Shutters?

Shutters have been the most elegant, yet practical way to cover your interior windows and doors. More than just a window covering, shutters are an expression of your good decorating taste, and have been the fashion choice of interior designers and stylists for decades. They never seem to go out of fashion, and in fact, their popularity has been increasing.

Increase Your Home's Value

Shutters count as a permanent fixture, or improvement, to your home. This means that when an appraisal is done on your property your shutters will be used to increase the value of your home. Blinds and draperies are considered a temporary item and do not add this value to your appraisal.

Types of Shutters

Shutters can be made in a variety of shapes and almost any size. Woodcraft Shutters has sold shutters for windows, sliding and French doors, arched and raked top windows, octagon and round windows, oval windows and semi-circle windows. Shutters for rounded windows can have a fan shaped shutter treatment, or an arch top with operable horizontal louvers.

Wood vs. Synthetic Shutters

Woodcraft Shutters sells both wood and "poly" (or extruded compressed foam) shutters. We do not sell vinyl or compressed fiberboard (or MDF) shutters, which are inferior products.

"Poly", or extruded compressed foam, is a solid, paintable product, often made in the United States. It most resembles wood, cuts like wood, and can be used in very high moisture areas like in showers or above sinks. Woodcraft Shutters does sell this poly product for these kinds of applications—the panels are made in California. Unfortunately poly shutters, being made from petroleum products, are actually more costly than hardwood shutters.

So why purchase wood shutters? They are more durable than MDF or vinyl shutters. They can be made into much wider panels than any of the alternatives, enhancing your views and light. And they are less costly than poly shutters. They also insulate better (being solid wood) than other shutters and are truly a natural and sustainable product for your home.

Louver Sizes

Shutters are available in 3 basic louver sizes. The smallest size Woodcraft Shutters produces is a 2 1/2" traditional louver. Far more popular is the 3 1/2" plantation style louver. And for those who wish to maximize the outside view and light a 4 1/2" louver is available. As shutters are priced by the square foot, there is no price differential between the 3 sizes of shutter louvers—they all sell for the same price.

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