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How Woodcraft Shutters Are Built

Quality Materials

A quality shutter starts with quality hardwood. Our shutters are made with the select and better grade of basswood, sourced from the Mid-West and East Coast of the United States. The hardwood is milled to our own specifications in Southern California. Our louvers are solid, not laminated or finger jointed. This prevents future cracking and warping. We have made single shutter panels as wide as 40+"—this is important if you have a view and want a large panel shutter to eliminate excess vertical stiles, which would be necessary with multiple smaller panels across your windows and doors.

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We construct your shutter with the upmost care. We use multiple 2" wooden dowels to join the top and bottom rails with the shutter stiles. This produces an exceptionally strong shutter panel—a panel that we can safely warranty for life—it will never separate or lose its structural integrity. Tall Woodcraft Shutters do not require multiple divider rails for added strength—we can build 8 or 9 foot tall shutters without horizontal breaks that rob you of a clear, clean view.

Shutter staples are extra-long and will not detach over time. All of our shutter panels have adjustment screws for maintaining proper louver tension over time. Shutter louvers rotate on nylon pivoting pins that are made in California. After assembly, your shutters are sanded and prepared for the finish process.

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Priming & Painting

Shutters that are to be painted are primed and sealed with a water based pigmented primer. After drying, they are completely hand and machine sanded. They are then cleaned, and the finish coats are applied. Typically 8 passes of the spray gun are used for the finish coatings. Our shutters have a semi gloss finish for cleanability and durability. All of our finishes can have extra gloss applied if desired, or they can be sandblasted for a rustic, textured look.

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Stained Shutters

Stained shutters, which display the natural wood grain, are always a rich and warm display of your good taste. Stained shutters start with hand selected hardwood, selected to show grain pattern and variation. After careful assembly, the panels are sanded and cleaned for the finish booth. The stain is then sprayed on the shutter panel and hand wiped into the raw wood. After drying, the shutters receive a coating of sanding sealer which deepens and enriches the stain color. After drying, the shutters are carefully sanded, cleaned and a finish coat of clear is applied. The completed stained shutter can then be compared to the finest hand made custom furniture. The fact that all of our finish materials are not solvent but water based materials means that they will remain true to their original color years later—they do not yellow with sun exposure. They also do not off gas, having very low VOC's and are non toxic and environmentally safe.

Delivery & Installation

After the shutters complete the finishing process, we will apply the hinges and frames. If you ordered your shutters to be installed by Woodcraft Shutters, our office staff will contact you to arrange for your professional installation by our staff.

Made in America

We take pride in sourcing almost every component from suppliers located in the United States. Our sustainable hardwoods come from the Eastern half of the US, we use Senco brand staples, Mato brand louver pins (Saugus, Ca), hinges from Hardware Resources (Louisiana), and finish materials from Aqua Coatings (The Mid West), Sherwin Williams (Southern California), and Vista (Southern California).

And of course your shutters are designed, assembled, and finished in our own Ventura County factory.

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